Keeping Your Furry Friend Fit & Healthy

At Fit Furry Friend, we believe our dogs are the most affectionate and intelligent animals in the world. They are happy to see us when we come home after a long day at work. They are trustworthy and never judge or criticize us.Have you ever picked up your dog from doggie day care after a vacation or business trip? Ours stop whatever they are doing and bark, jump and wag their tails. You can’t help but feel special with that kind of reception. They also love being active. We make their day when taking them out for a walk or run, go swimming or play catch in the park. We also know what happens when our dogs start to age and begin to experience joint pain.

It just feels right to let two of our favorite dogs lead the conversations on the Fit Furry Friend website. Let us introduce you:


Here’s Grover

Grover is an affectionate border collie with endless amounts of energy. His name comes from a combination of Grrr & Rover. Grover is the most intelligent and intuitive dog we’ve ever known. He is super intelligent and can always tell when things are happy or stressful around him. He needs lots of physical exercise and mental activities to be truly happy, but is always a fun and loyal companion.


Meet Lovely Luna

Our Luna is a lovable and friendly german shepherd. She is intelligent, devoted to her humans and easy to train. She is truly one of the family and protective of kids. We never have any problems when we take her out for a run or to the dog park to socialize. She’s a pretty big dog but also a big baby at heart. And did we say smart? She loves to learn and once taught, never forgets. That’s our Luna.