Many dogs suffer from joint problems and arthritis, especially as they age. These painful conditions occur when the cartilage between the bones begins to thin and wear away. When this happens, the ends of the bones start to rub against each other. As a dog owner, you will certainly want to do all you can

Glucosamine for Dogs

As your dog ages, you will start to notice their activity begin to slow down. They are less likely to run, jump and play around and show their excitement. Instead, their enthusiasm may be expressed in a subtle tail wag or a few minutes of playing before laying down.  When you start searching for joint health

Cosequin vs Dasuquin For Dogs’ Joint Health

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been used to treat osteoarthritis and other joint health issues in Europe for over twenty years. Over the last decade physicians and veterinarians in the United States have increasingly recommended them for their patients. The results have been consistently positive. These products have become one of the safest and best treatments

The Dynamic Duo of Dog Joint Health: Glucosamine and Chondroitin

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Dog Joint Problems and Solutions

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Choosing The Best Supplements for Dogs With Arthritis

Methods of providing joint support like stretching and massage therapy for dogs improve the quality of their lives. In addition, these helpful activities help your dog enjoy their natural agility for more years than otherwise. Stretching and massage for dogs provides an ideal complement to daily exercise, obedience training and diet. Many dog owners spend a

Massage Therapy for Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so you can’t just weigh them to decide if they are overweight. You have to look at their body shape and assess body fat before deciding your dog’s diet plan.Is Your Dog Overweight?So, does your dog have a potbelly? Viewed from above, does your dog have a waist?

Dog’s Diet and Joint Health

Early Clues About Dog Joint Problems As our puppies grow into mature dogs, an increasing lack of mobility is one of the obvious signs their years are beginning to catch up with them. Recognizing early clues about their joint health can have a positive lifetime impact. This means timely action on your dog’s joint problems can

Dog Joint Problem Clues