You should look at using CBD for your dog's arthritis pain. Dogs often suffer from arthritis and other forms of joint pain over the course of their lives. CBD oil from hemp is seen as an effective treatment for dogs suffering from chronic pain brought on by arthritis.

CBD oil is generally administered as a topical solution to dogs with arthritis. CBD also offers anti-anxiety benefits. So CBD oil taken orally can help manage your dog's arthritis related anxiety as well.

Why you should use CBD for your dog's arthritis pain.

Older dogs are more likely to develop this condition than younger ones. Symptoms of arthritis include limping, stiffness, or soreness in joints. Your vet can diagnose arthritis by taking x-rays, blood tests, and other diagnostic measures. Historical treatment options include supplements, medications, physical therapy, and even surgery.

Supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin are the traditional standard for treating arthritis. However, CBD shows great results in studies and from dog owners about reducing joint pain and inflammation in dogs. Joint pain and inflammation are common symptoms of arthritis.

CBD for your dog's arthritis

What does science say about CBD for your dog?

CBD has been shown to be an effective painkiller for dogs with arthritis. It doesn't completely cure the problem, but it helps to reduce arthritic inflammation and the pain associated with it.

First, there is growing scientific and dog owner proof that CBD provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Second, CBD naturally stimulates your dog's endocannabinoid system. So the nerves surrounding their joints become more receptive to the CBD. This makes the joints more flexible and reduces the pain.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants that contain a high concentration of cannabidiol. It is then processed into an oil that is safe for dogs. There are numerous studies showing CBD's anti-inflammatory properties, making it a viable treatment for arthritis in dogs.

How do you know if your dog has arthritis?

Arthritis is an illness that affects many people and the same goes for dogs. Symptoms include trouble walking, climbing on furniture or getting up the stairs. You may also see trembling or limping, difficulty standing up, and discomfort while walking. Other signs to watch for include yelping, irritability or depression.

Arthritis is a common condition in dogs. In some cases, it is caused by an injury or infection. CBD for your dog's arthritis is rich in compounds known as cannabinoids and they are an effective treatment.

There are a variety of other treatments that are used for arthritis in dogs. These include painkillers, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and acupuncture. CBD oil can replace these treatments or even work in concert with them to treat arthritis and the pain associated with it.

Research suggests CBD oil helps reduce pain in dogs with arthritis by interacting with your dog's cannabinoid receptors.

How to administer CBD for your dog's arthritis.

You can add CBD oil to your dog's treats and snacks. You can also apply it under your dog's tongue or onto your dog’s gums, paws, and joints. Massaging it directly into their joints and skin is great for helping the aches and pains in elderly dogs.

Apply CBD oil directly on your dog’s joints

Many dog owners report seeing benefits from rubbing CBD oil on the affected joints of their dogs. Studies also show its overall safety and efficacy for arthritis management. In addition, applying CBD oil directly to the skin helps to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints.

This was tested in a study on rats with arthritis, published in The European Journal of Pain. CBD oil was applied to the animals’ skin for a period of four days. They saw evidence of reduced swelling and inflammatory biological markers.

It will take a little time to massage the oil well into fur and skin, so don't try to apply quickly on your way to an appointment. Otherwise, you could return to an oily carpet or a very dirty dog if he or she was left outdoors.

Apply CBD for your dog's arthritis orally

Skin application may have a minimal effect on other parts of the body. So applying CBD oil orally or under the tongue is best for problems like anxiety and digestive issues. It is especially helpful for the anxiety many dogs with arthritis have. It also helps reduce inflammation and assists with managing arthritis and joint pain. 

Most dogs hate having anything liquid dropped into their mouth. For this reason, it makes sense to put the CBD oil in their food or treat. This helps with making sure they take all of it. Mixing CBD oil with food won't weaken the benefits but it will deliver a slower release into the bloodstream.

CBD works best where internal cannabinoid receptors are exposed to the highest concentrations of CBD (cannabinoid) molecules. This is why traditional hemp products are often introduced orally. It gets the CBD oil quickly into the bloodstream and circulatory system.

Look to apply CBD oil wherever you want it to have the biggest effect. That means orally for digestive or whole-body systemic issues. Then right on the joints for targeted pain relief and on the surface for skin treatment and conditioning.

Happy dog after taking CBD for dogs with arthritis.

How to choose the best CBD.

Look for products tested by a respected third party when buying CBD for your dog's arthritis. Most of the best CBD extracts will have undergone lab testing for potency and ingredient quality. 

Another sign of quality is “full-spectrum” CBD. Most pet owners choose full-spectrum CBD oil because it provides a wide variety of benefits. Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs contains all compounds found naturally occurring in the hemp plant. This includes vital terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids.

When it comes to buying CBD for your dog's arthritis, make sure you purchase from a reputable and trusted source. Some manufacturers cut costs to increase production and profitability. Some lesser products may include fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals that can cause harm and reduce positive benefits.

Check out CBD for your dog's arthritis today.

CBD oil from hemp offers unparalleled support for your dog's arthritis and overall joint pain and mobility issues. Specifically formulated hemp CBD oil extract will help to get your pup moving around like they used to.

In the United States, hemp products no longer fall under illegal drug classifications if the THC content is less than 0.3%. It's been used for thousands of years as medicine. One of its primary uses being as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Hemp CBD oil on the market does not contain THC. That said, there may be minimal (under 0.3%) trace amounts from the manufacturing process. CBD oil does offer high levels of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats which help to protect your dog's cells from damage.

Although CBD oil has been proven to be well tolerated, it may interact with common medications. These include antibiotics and drugs for heart disease. Please consult your veterinarian before administering any CBD oil or other product to your dog.

You should rest easy using CBD for your dogs arthritis pain. It's use is growing increasingly popular among pet owners and there are positive early scientific results. Since it is a natural plant-derived supplement, it is safe to administer correct amounts to dogs, cats, and other pets.

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