CBD oil for dogs offers unparalleled support for your dog's health, especially those with arthritis, joint pain and anxiety issues. Specifically formulated CBD oil extract from hemp helps to relieve joint pain and inflammation and get your pup moving like they used to.

CBD's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties will help your pup deal with a variety of issues and conditions.

CBD oil no longer falls under illegal drug classifications in the U.S. as long as THC content from the plant is less than 0.3%. Hemp has been used for thousands of years as medicine, with one of hemp's most noteworthy uses being as an anti-inflammatory.

There was no controversy all those years until 1937. It became illegal along with marijuana in the United States then because federal agents couldn’t tell the two strains apart, so both just became illegal. 

CBD oil from hemp on the market does not contain THC. THC from the marijuana plant has the psychoactive component that gets people high. 

CBD oil offers high levels of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats, which can help protect your dog's cells from damage.

Where does CBD oil for dogs come from? 

Marijuana and hemp are both parts of the same cannabis sativa plant family. Due to each plant's biological structure, they have a number of distinct differences. 

CBD is a chemical cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Many people swear CBD helps relieve a slew of different conditions, including anxiety, pain, insomnia, and the side effects from chemotherapy. Preliminary scientific studies are also beginning to confirm CBD oil has a range of therapeutic uses.

The marijuana plant and THC  

The marijuana plant does contain some cannabidiol and other chemicals but is known for its high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that causes a “high” in humans and dogs.

Small amounts of THC may be helpful for some issues, but it is best not to give it to your dog. At present it’s difficult to dose and too much can be toxic.

The hemp plant and CBD

Hemp, on the other hand, is legal in the United States when it contains less than 0.3%. It offers high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactive and non-toxic.

CDB oil for dogs:

  • Is known to help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and improves overall behavior and mood. 
  • It’s also shown benefits when assisting dogs with seizures by creating a calm and relaxation state that prevents severe seizures from dramatically affecting them.
  • It’s also a great anti-inflammatory, which is perfect for dogs who need a natural pain reliever for arthritis and other joint issues. 
  • CBD products are known to improve skin conditions as well.

CBD oil for dogs provides a number of benefits and is used to treat a range of ailments. These include joint issues, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, seizures, and diabetes.

Hemp plants grow throughout most areas of the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Health benefits from CBD oil for dogs

Much like in humans, dogs have what are called cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. These receptors reside in what scientists call the endocannabinoid system.

 Otherwise known as the EC system, it works to balance several of your dog’s bodily functions, including:

  • mobility and coordination
  • joint health
  • general mental health
  • anxiety management
  • appetite
  • metabolism
  • sleep
  • immune system response

As a naturally occurring cannabinoid, CBD oil for dogs is molecularly comparable to your pet’s endocannabinoids.

CBD oil enters your dog’s bloodstream and binds with cannabinoid receptors. This helps to stimulate and support the endocannabinoid system. The result is a state of homeostasis (balance) brought back to functions if they’re out of balance.

Key health benefits from CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs is chemically similar to compounds found in your dog's brain and body. So, its effects are to some degree already in place. 

CBD oil has been used around the world for hundreds of years to treat pain, inflammation, depression, and a variety of other ailments.

CBD extracts do not negatively affect your dog's perception, mood, or intelligence.

CBD oil for dogs can reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint issues

CBD oil helps to reduce your dog's joint inflammation and alleviate arthritis by interacting with your dog's endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil increases your dog's range of motion by increasing the flexibility of their muscles and joints. 

CBD oil for dogs reduces joint pain without the use of prescribed medications. In some cases, CBD oil starts providing benefits in just a few hours or days. Depending on the health issue, it may then take a week or two before you notice lasting results.

Your dog's arthritis and joint pain issues are created from different sources. Some come from daily activity, some from genetic issues and others come from injury.

A dog with arthritis generally gets worse as he ages. Arthritis is a common issue that affects older dogs. Treating core muscles and joints with CBD oil can provide help.

Your dog can benefit from CBD oil when being treated for a variety of issues, like arthritis, leg stiffness, hip dysplasia, and degenerative joint disease. CBD oil for dogs helps reduce inflammation in joints and muscles, which means they will feel less discomfort.

By promoting joint mobility and reducing joint pain, CBD oil can help keep your dog healthy for years to come.

CBD oil for dogs helps with anxiety and appetite

Scientific data on the benefits of using CBD to treat dogs is in the early stages, but it is all positive. In addition, growing evidence from dog owners shows it treats neuropathic issues, mental anxiety and help to limit seizures. 

Dog owners also report that they have effectively used CBD for its:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • cardiac health benefits
  • anti-nausea effects
  • appetite stimulation
  • anti-anxiety impact

Anxiety is incredibly hard on your dog's life. It takes a toll on the central nervous system and limits your pet’s natural personality. Anxiety isn't always triggered by specific events. You can see this clearly when bringing a rescue dog into your life.

Anxiety can make your dog scratch up furniture and whine for no logical reason. They may also bark incessantly whenever guests or delivery folks come to your house.

Along with helping your pet stay calm, CBD oil for dogs also supports immune health and brain function. CBD oil products, along with your support and compassion, will help your pup feel more relaxed in all environments.

Anxiety can also be caused when your dog is feeling some form of distress or pain. CBD oil reduces inflammation, limit the impacts of seasonal allergies and soothes skin irritations. 

So CBD oil supports your dog's nervous system and helps to relieve anxiety. CBD oil is also able to help your dog have the best possible recovery from surgery or injury.

Is hemp seed oil different from CBD oil from hemp?

Here are the basic facts: CBD oil and hemp oil are very different. 

Industrial hemp is used throughout much of the world in creating paper, textiles, and rope. In addition, people take hemp seed oil primarily for its nutritional value. It contains two essential fatty acids and contains a high level of protein, vitamin E, and several minerals.

CBD is extracted from the plant's flowers, leaves, and stalks. The process for extracting CBD oil differs and can yield different variations of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, waxes and oils found in the hemp plant.

Another product variation named CBD isolate is just that - literally CBD isolated by itself. 

Get the best CBD oil for dogs

When buying CBD oil or other CBD products for your dog, look for products that have been tested by a respected third party. Most of the best CBD extracts will have undergone lab testing for potency and ingredient quality. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil for your dog

Another sign of quality is “full-spectrum” CBD. Most pet owners choose full-spectrum CBD oil because it provides a wide variety of benefits.

Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs (or humans) is an extract that contains all ingredients and compounds found naturally occurring in the plant, including terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids.

There are two main types of CBD oil for dogs: Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, while isolate only contains cannabidiol.

Full-spectrum CBD oil provides a range of benefits for dogs, including inflammation and joint pain reduction, reduced anxiety, and mood enhancement.

CBD isolate oil for your dog

CBD isolate is generally less expensive than full-spectrum options. However, it also doesn't include a variety of the plant's benefits for your dog’s anxiety.

CBD isolate generally just provides cannabidiol and does not include some important natural compounds from the plant. 

How much CBD oil should you give your dog?

This is a very common question. Manufacturers usually provide a chart to help you determine the best starting dose. This is generally based on weight, breed and sometimes age can factor in. The way your dog responds to CBD oil may be different to how another similar dog responds. 

It's smart to start with the manufacturer’s recommendations and allow a few days to see how the effects show up. Depending on the problem you’re treating, you may need to increase or decrease how much CBD oil you use.

The best you can do is start slow and steady. Then observe how your dog responds and move forward from there.

A good rule of thumb is to start with 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of weight. For example, a 30 pound dog might start at 3mg and increase to 9mg depending on how they react.  

If you notice that your dog isn’t experiencing the desired results, you can slowly increase the dose by 0.5 of CBD oil per pound. It will be time to pull back if you see your dog getting drowsy or more tired than usual.

CBD oil for dogs

The best ways to give CBD oil to your dog.

Most dog owners provide CBD oil in liquid form. It is also the most efficient way to get the CBD working in your dog’s system.

Bottled CBD oils with droppers make it easy to measure the right dose.  Of course, you may not have a dog willing to let you put drops in its mouth, under its tongue or on its gums.

Another option is to put it in your dog's food or treats. There is a possibility the full dose may not be absorbed into their body’s system this way, but it is an easy way for you to get the CBD oil helping with your dog's health issues. 

CBD treats for dogs are very convenient, and it's likely that your dog will love them. However, it is hard to keep track of dosing amounts with this method.

They can also get expensive if you want to give CBD treats to a large dog, so you may want to do some CBD oil price comparisons.

Can your vet help answer CBD oil questions?

The correct answer is no. But in practice, the answer is yes and no. Your vet has to follow federal and and some state regulations that stop them from providing you with formal recommendations regarding CBD products.

Some veterinarians will completely avoid addressing CBD oil and it is hard to blame them. A growing number of other vets will be open to talking about CBD oil in a general way. You will definitely want to let them know you are looking to provide CBD oil for your dog so they can provide information about potential interactions with any ongoing issues or medications.

How to get the best CBD oil for dogs

When it comes to buying CBD products for your dog, make sure you purchase from a reputable and trusted source. To play it safe, always confirm the manufacturer is sending their products out for third-party lab testing.

A reliable seller will make it easy for you to see lab results and a certificate of analysis showing the potency of each of their CBD products and the contaminant testing results.

Organically sourced CBD is another great quality indicator, as organic hemp is grown without pesticides. Some manufacturers cut costs to increase production and end up using artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals.

Types of CBD oil for dogs

You will be choosing from three types of CBD oil. They include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Make certain you understand what ingredients are included and that the CBD oil you’re considering is specially formulated for dogs.

CBD marketing can be very confusing and even misleading, so to find the best CBD oil from hemp for your dog, you will want to shop carefully.

It's more important to compare the amount of CBD in the product, usually stated in milligrams, than the actual amount of total product because there are a variety of potencies available.

If you are giving CBD oil to a large dog for anxiety for a long period of time, or providing it frequently, a higher potency CBD may be more cost-effective in the long run.

While the use of CBD oil for your dog's health is relatively new in the market, it has proven to make a positive difference for many dogs and their humans. You owe it to your four-legged best friend to give it a try!

About the author, Luna

Luna is a lovable and friendly german shepherd. She is intelligent, devoted to her humans and easy to train. She is truly one of the family and protective of kids. We never have any problems when we take her out for a run or to the dog park to socialize. She’s a pretty big dog but also a big baby at heart. And did we say smart? She loves to learn and once taught, never forgets. That’s me, Luna.

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