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It’s coming on Christmas, with lots of parties and gatherings with friends, family and guests. And like any good pet parent, you know the holidays are also a festive time for your frisky, furry puppy.

Your pets always want to celebrate with you and they have energy to burn. Why not dress them up so they share in your family's good cheer?

We’ve got the most popular holiday puppy outfits here:

The holidays are the perfect time to pick up some sweet holiday outfits but where to go to find them?

No problem, we've got you covered with our 12 Days of Christmas outfits for the special little furball in your life.

The last one is our favorite!

Lanyarco Cute Snowflake and Snowman Red Small Pet Dogs Pajamas

A lot of families have a tradition of wearing pajamas while opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. So why not include your furry friend in all the fun? These pajamas have a nice soft, lightweight material and secure stitching. Your pup will have such a good time he or she won’t even notice they are wearing them.

Friends Forever Christmas Reindeer Santa Hat and Jacket Coat for Your Puppy

Let your puppy get a bit more festive during the Christmas holidays. Your furry fido will be the star of the show with this Santa outfit and will get tons of compliments about how cute he or she looks in it. Just imagine how many selfie requests you will get in the grocery store parking lot.

Koneseve Adorable Plaid Breathable Shirt/Sweater for Puppies and Dogs

The fabric on this adorable plaid shirt is comfortable cotton and feels durable. It’s perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Imagine your puppy sitting with family in the living room or dining room with this plaid shirt on. Put your own plaid shirt on for some hilarious combination photos to share with friends and family during the holidays.

Fitwarm Elegant Lace Plaid Holiday Dog Dress for Small Dogs

This holiday dress has great quality and comes in pleasant fall colors. This adorable dress is so cute the way it bustles around your pup’s hips with a sweet bow. It is a great gift for a family member with a puppy or get it for your own furry friend for a family dinner or Church gathering.

Kuoser Cozy Reversible British Style Warm Plaid Puppy Vest - Waterproof and Windproof

This British-style reversible puppy vest has exquisite stitching and is easy to put on and take off. It offers a warm fleece lining and velcros in multiple places. There is a notch to attach his leash through to his harness, so you can take your pup for a walk in the park after eating a bit too much Christmas dinner. 

SILD Cool Vintage Washed Blue Denim Jeans Jacket for Puppies and  Small Dogs

How cool is this! A retro style denim jeans jacket for your puppy. It comes with a lapel collar and a button closure design. This classic and comfortable hooded winter jacket will make your pet the hit of the party and keep him or her warm during the holiday season. 

Stock Show Festive Christmas Collar with Bowknot for Your Puppy

This festive Christmas designed bowtie collar is the perfect gift for your puppy. He or she will be the center of attention in all of your family’s holiday activities. The bowtie is hand-sewn and attaches to collar using an elastic strap. Your pet will be a cute highlight in your Christmas photos.

Beirui Cute Soft Flannel Fleece Christmas Winter Jacket for Puppies and Small Dogs

This soft fleece Christmas winter jacket for your puppy or small dog is perfect for the holidays. It will be adorable to see your pet bundled up in this classic winter design. Inside and out are made with soft and comfortable coral fleece. It is gentle for short hair or delicate skin and perfect for post-Christmas walks in the neighborhood.

Mihachi Christmas 2 Piece Puppy Knit Hat and Scarf with Snowflake and Reindeer Print

The holiday season can be cold for many of us, but this hat and scarf set will keep your special furry friend warm. This suit is mainly red and white, with knitted snowflake patterns on the hat to represent winter and Christmas reindeer prints on the scarf. Seeing your puppy in this festive outfit will brighten up your holiday gatherings. 

Namsan Adjustable Santa Hat and Scarf Christmas Outfit for Puppies and Other Small Pets

Don’t forget about including your furry friend in your Christmas and New Year’s festivities. Your puppy deserves a great gift to help him or her join in with the family. This adorable Christmas set includes a Santa hat and a scarf. It is designed to make them the hit of the party and the center of your holiday photos.

Christmas Hoodie Sweater Outfit for Puppies with LED Lights by royalwise

Get ready for your puppy to look way too cute in his or her new Christmas hoodie. It’s made of a bright red sweatshirt knit and there’s a Christmas tree design made of tiny LED lights on the back. Your dog will be warm and very festive at your Christmas dinner or when you go caroling in the neighborhood.

AOFITEE Comfy and Warm Coral Velvet Pajamas with Christmas Reindeer Design for Your Puppy

These reindeer pajamas are the most delightful gift you could give to your puppy. Let them join the holiday parties with this comfortable outfit made of soft coral fleece. This great Christmas gift comes with cute deer horns and a convenient 4-leg design. Your furry friend will ring in the New Year in comfort and style.

KUDES Puppy’s Christmas Reindeer Antlers Headband

It’s a classic Christmas Reindeer Santa Hat with a bell and a beautiful bow. Perfect for Christmas dinners and family photos. It’s made of soft fabric and won't irritate your puppy’s skin.

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